Indosoft - Our Team


Indosoft is led by a cohesive team of IT & Electronic engineering industry professionals with ample experience in the field of technology and an intense passion to innovate. The management team at Indosoft not only aims at levitating parallel to the vision of the clients but also at providing opportunities for the Indosoft team to grow, innovate and levitate. The management binds the team together and thereby our work speaks for us.


Marketing Team
With an objective to serve various industry verticals with our high-end solutions in Security, surveillance & Automation, the marketing team at Indosoft makes all possible efforts to reach out to new business prospects. The team also keeps in touch with the existing clients for frequent updates on our ever expanding range of products and services they can benefit from.


Project Managers
At Indosoft every project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager who overlooks the entire flow of the project from the initial stage to final delivery. The Project Managers at Indosoft are experienced professionals with immense expertise in handling small or huge projects with ease thereby ensuring that deadlines are met and the project is accomplished beyond the expectations of the clients.


The team of developers at Indosoft is a bunch of self-motivated and dynamic professionals with years of experience and technical expertise. These IT professionals carry out the most complex projects with ease and perfection, be it HTML development, backend development or software development. We leverage technology to bring you the best results in terms of functionality, robustness and usability.


Quality Analysts
At Indosoft quality is our prime concern. We develop each product / solution with meticulous care and quality checks are conducted at every stage of development. There is a dedicated team of Quality Analysts in every division and stringent quality, functionality and usability checks are conducted to leave no room for errors and provide unfailing solutions to our clients.