FAQs for Security system:


  1. How many types of Security system are available?

    Indosoft has complete range and type of Security system viz. Wired, Wireless, GSM based etc.


  1. My home is already done up, how do I install the system now?

    Indosoft has wireless systems also hence no cabling is required; it will not disturb your home interiors.


  1. I have a rented home and I want the system, what can I do? Can it be moved with me wherever I go?

    Yes, it can be moved with you wherever you go. It is like any other white goods product. While you are shifting, you need to inform us about the change of address so that we can make the necessary changes in the contact details. The Company may charge a nominal fee for re-installing the Security system.


  1. How can I arm my system?

    You have 2 options for arming your system:
       â€˘ Through the main panel by using the keypad
       â€˘ By pressing the Lock button on the remote control
       â€˘ In case of GSM based system you have entire operation done through your mobile only


  1. When I arm my system at home and wake up in the night to walk to the kitchen will the motion sensor detect my presence and will the hooter start hooting?

    If the panel is armed in Home mode then the motion sensor will not detect your presence, as in the home mode the Motion Sensor is programmed to be disabled and hence the hooter will not hoot.
    In the Home mode, only the Magnetic Sensors, Glass Break / Gas Leak Detector get activated hence during the night if you walk around the house there will be no alarm.


  1. Does the motion sensor also sense air passing in front of it?



  1. Can the Motion Sensor be placed outside my House?

    No, it is not recommended because the Motion Sensor detects motion and there will be a lot of people moving around outside your house and each time it happens you will get a false alarm.


  1. Can I partially arm the system?

    Yes, but the Security system has to be programmed accordingly.


  1. Can any of the sensors work on a standalone basis?



  1. What if there is breeze and my window glass vibrates; will the Glass Break Detector detect it and the hooter hoot?

    No, the Glass Break Detector is designed to accommodate vibrations and therefore will not activate the hooter. The hooter will get activated only when the glass breaks.


  1. What kind of smoke does the smoke detector detect?

    It detects all kind of smoke particles basically smoke generated from Cigarettes, Rubber, PVC, Plastic, Agarbatti etc.


  1. Can the smoke detector also detect fire?

    There is always smoke before fire. The Smoke Detector is installed to alert you before the fire is ignited thus protecting the premise from major damage.


  1. Does the smoke detector also detect steam?



  1. How should I verify the location of where to place the components of Security system?

    Our engineer shall assist you with this.


  1. I have a pet dog at home, will the motion sensor detect its movement or not?

    Not necessary, it will not detect its movement if the motion sensor used is Pet immune.


  1. Can the main panel be installed in my bedroom?

    Yes, provided it has a power supply next to it along with telephone line connectivity. In case of wireless system there should not be much distance between the main panel and other components.


  1. What is the distance to be maintained between the Main Panel and the other components?

    The other components should be installed within the range of 10-20 meters depending on the obstructions in the house. Being wireless, with maximum obstructions the system will work well if placed.


  1. Can the hooter be placed out side my house?



  1. Who will install it?

    The installation will be done by Indosoft’s trained engineers.


  1. Is the installation free?



  1. I have an ailing mother/father at home and I want to be informed if they are in some medical emergency. Can your system provide it?

    Yes, a Panic Button can be provided near the bed of an elderly person. When this button is pressed, immediately a call will be made by the system on your given numbers. In case of GSM devices, the SMS will also reach on the same numbers.